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07th Feb 2023

Love Island’s Anna-May Robey addresses Jacques O’Neill’s flirty comment

Sarah McKenna Barry

She admitted that she finds him “fit”.

Anna-May Robey, who appeared on this year’s Love Island, has described the reaction to a flirty comment left by Jacques O’Neill as “crazy”.

Anna-May was dumped from the island in January, and afterwards, Jacques, who appeared on last year’s Love Island seemed to indicate that he has a crush on her.

In an Instagram post about her leaving the show, the rugby player wrote: “I’ll make sure @annamayrobey is okay.”

Now, Anna-May has made it clear that she hasn’t had any contact with Jacques.

She popped by the Reality with Will Njobvu podcast where she addressed the comment.

She said: “That’s all in my DMs like, ‘You and Jacques…’ But no, we’ve had no contact. I’ve seen the comment. There’s been fan pages made called ‘Jacques and Anna-May’, it’s crazy.”

She added that she finds Jacques “fit”, and would be open to getting to know him should the opportunity arise.

Jacques appeared on last year’s Love Island and was coupled up with Paige Thorne for the majority of his time there. However, he left the villa, citing a need to protect his mental health.

After quitting the show, he shared that he was the target of online abuse and death threats.

He explained that one of the hardest things was seeing his mum so upset.

On Scott Thomas’ Learning As I Go podcast, he said: “It killed me to see the way my mum was. I couldn’t speak to her about deep stuff because I’d just break down. It took me two weeks to give her a cuddle.”

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