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06th Aug 2019

You can now visit a flamingo beach off the coast of Aruba populated by, you guessed it, flamingos

Jade Hayden

Lookit all them sturdy legs.

Everybody likes flamingos.

They’re pink, they’re pretty, they’re exotic enough that you’re not going to see dozens of pictures of them flooding your Instagram feed once the summer holiday season truly kicks off.

For most of us peasants, the only place we’re going to see a flamingo is the zoo.

There, they’re behind a fence, wading through the water, eternally far from us and our ability to get a nice little pic with them as they do their thing and we stand in the background, awkwardly.

That is, unless, you take a trip to flamingo beach off the coat of Aruba. There’s loads of flamingos there, obviously.

Flamingo beach, named so for the abundance of flamingo flocking about its shores, is a privately owned beach in the southern Caribbean sea.

Which, yeah means that you can’t just stroll into it whenever you so please, but it does mean that travelling to the beach makes the experience that bit more special.

The beach is owned by the Renaissance Aruba Resort and is actually part of Renaissance Island – a spot renowned for its stunning nature, exquisite wildlife, and amazing Instagrammable locations.

The beach may be privately owned, but that doesn’t mean that tourists aren’t welcome – they are. You’ll just need to pay a bit of cash – or check into the Renaissance Resort – if you want to go see the lovely birds.

Those staying in the hotel get complimentary access to the flamingos, but anyone not staying at the resort can still pay $125 (about €111) for a day pass to the island.

Given that all of the spots aren’t booked up by hotel guests, of course.

The day pass includes the boat ride to the island, a drink, and lunch too – and seeing as you’ll get to chill with the flamingos for the day, it’s probably worth the money.

No, scratch that. It definitely is.

You can find out more about the Renaissance Resort, or book a day pass to flamingo island, here.