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29th Oct 2023

Going on holiday with your friends is good for you, science claims

Planning on heading to Greece for a week with your besties? Or maybe you’re considering a quick trip to London one weekend?

Well, get booking those flights because travelling with your friends is reportedly good for your health.

They’re some of the easiest people to travel with, most of the time, and science has backed this up.

According to a report by Southern Living, travelling with your friends can increase your life expectancy so if you live to 90 you know who to thank.

Heading off on an adventure with the gals can also lower your blood pressure, the report claims.

It also makes it easier for us to tolerate physical pain.

Throw in days at the beach, a bucket of Aperol spritz, and all these perks and we’re now even more convinced to book that trip to France with our besties.

According to science, spending quality time with your friends increases your oxytocin levels. Oxytocin is the hormone our body releases when we feel good or happy.

An increase in this hormone can then make you feel happier, more trusting, and even more generous.

If anyone needs us we’ll be scrolling through Aer Lingus’ website for the foreseeable future.