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06th Aug 2022

Weekend project: You can DIY this chic garden sofa using old shipping pallets

Trine Jensen-Burke

pallet sofa

Dreaming of a chic and comfy daybed for your garden or terrace, but don’t really have the funds right now?

Step right this way, ladies. We have got the perfect solution for you.

Pallet sofas (or pallet daybeds) – do a quick Pinterest search and you will discover a world of possibilities.

And the best bit? Not only are these super-easy to make (and requires barely any DIY skills at all), they are also totally budget-friendly (free, even, if you manage to get your hands on some pallet for free).

Euro pallets are often widely available at factories, warehouses etc., so just drop by and ask if you can buy some – chances are they might even give them to you for free.

Once you have your pallets (how many you need will be determined by the size you want your sofa to be), all you need is to attach one on top of the other (nails and a hammer, people, that’s all you need), and then go to town making it comfy with cushions, mattresses and throws.

In the case of the daybed above, Norwegian interior blogger Caroline just covered an old, spare mattress in a nice fabric (Ikea has tons of fabric you can buy by the metre), added a sheepskin throw and some cushions, and voila; your afternoon nap just got an al fresco upgrade.

Fancy something a little more advanced? Here is a handy video on how you can make your own pallet sofa: