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24th Jan 2018

These wedding invitations are like something we’ve never seen before!

Exceptionally beautiful.

Brought to you by Gilded-lili.

Brides (and grooms) to be – you’ll want to see these!

So, in the lead up to the big day – we vie to have the very best of everything in an attempt to reach the epitome of perfection for such a special occasion. But before hand – it’s invitations that help set the tone of it all.

Besides the beautiful bouquet, that gorgeous dress, the glorious food or picking the band, there are invitations that need choosing!

Leather Cover detail invitation by Gilded-lili

Well we found some invites that you’re sure to fall in love with AND they’re set to be the leading trend for 2018.

Gilded-lili’s brand new ‘muted’ collection is breathtaking. Their invitations are simple yet chic, they’re ultra – modern yet luxurious, plus, they’re rich in quality and of course synonymous with the beginning of a beautiful reunion.

Faux Croc detail

Tweed Cover detail

Pythonic detail (inside)

When you choose your monogram, it’s printed on the faux embossed prints and it’s safe to say they’re utterly stunning!

There’s a choice of faux croc, leather, tweed and pythonic with each being available in pale pink, sea haze, alabaster and pale caramel. Is it just us or did that just sound delicious?

If you think these unique and elegant wedding invites will tickle your fancy in the run up to the big day, Gilded-lili are offering complimentary samples from their new ‘muted’ collection (while stocks last) – so get your mitts on them quick.

Brought to you by Gilded-lili.

All our designs can be customised, talk to Catherine 086 8629358. Drop us an email with your details to [email protected] and mention ‘Her wedding’.