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22nd Mar 2017

WATCH: B*Witched sum up how we all feel about our ’90s fashion choices

Brought to you by Comfort Intense.

”Sometimes we even wore triple denim.”

Ah, B*Witched, they were the music of our youth and at some stage or another, we all fought with our sisters over which one we would play when dressing up.

And who could forget dancing around their bedroom to C’Est La Vie?  Apart from their music the one thing that B*Witched were famous for was their iconic fashion sense.

From Baggy jeans to gemstone embellished jackets, they pretty much epitomised everything that was cool in the decade including those iconic denim cowboy hats.

As part of Comfort Intense’s latest campaign, we caught up with the girls to talk all things music, ’90s and even Irish mammies.

Some of these clothes will seriously bring you back.

Is it wrong that we still really want one of those denim jackets?

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