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09th Aug 2017

This ’80s underwear trend is back and bigger than ever

It may look hot... but is it practical?

Olivia Hayes

If we were ever to take advice on underwear, it’ll be from a Victoria’s Secret Angel.

And while we all strive to be as confident as them in our underwear, most of us have a favourite bra we wear non-stop, and Penneys knickers that cost €2 for five. Glamorous.

However, Martha Hunt, a Victoria’s Secret Angel who walks with the likes of Kendall and Bella, has just shared some underwear secrets, so naturally, we can’t help but listen.

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While chatting to Who Wear What in London this week, the model said that the ’80s trend of wearing your knickers high on your hips is totally coming back in.

“To be totally honest, the most popular underwear trend is wearing our pants really high,” she said.

“I see the pants line going higher and higher. I think the trend is really in right now: the ’80s cut riding way over your hips.

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“The stylist’s hand comes to push it down on set, and the model pushes it up higher when she walks off set. That’s the ongoing trend amongst the VS girls.”

While the trend might look good on prepped and primed models, we can’t see ourselves pulling up our pants on a daily basis.

We think we’ll stick to our Penneys five for €2, thanks.