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21st Mar 2021

It’s time to ditch sweats and embrace ‘house dresses’ – and trust me, this is a good thing

Trine Jensen-Burke

I don’t know about you, but apart from a few weeks last summer, when the weather was warm enough for summer dresses, I have worn yoga pants, hoodies, and other types of sweats and activewear more or less around the clock.

At first, I loved it – the novelty of not having to think about outfits and getting dressed up was nothing short of glorious. It was like a permanent weekend around here – at least sartorial-wise.

Now, though, a year into this pandemic and working from home life, I am more than ready to burn my lockdown wardrobe. Literally, I want to gather every single pair of black leggings and slouchy zip-up hoodie and torch it all on fire. Good riddance.

And then, hear me out, I am going to invest in some super-cute, practical and comfortable house dresses.

Yep – house dresses. It’s a thing – even Vogue says so.

The concept is rather simple, a house dress is simply a dress (often midi length) that are comfortable and easy enough for at-home wear, with non-constricting silhouettes, long-ish hemlines, and comfortable fabrics.

Sounds good? I know!

There is just something about putting on a dress that makes me feel happier, more put together, more me – and it even makes me feel more productive and well, part of society than just slobbing around in sweats ever will.

Ready to shop some house dresses? Here are the best ones around right now:

1. Pleated dress

€22.99, H&M

2. Lyocell shirt dress

€69.99, Mango

3. Lianne Midi Shirt Dress

€91, Hush

4. Ghospell backless midi smock dress in blue marble print

€127.99, ASOS

5. Voluminous poplin dress

€39.99, Zara

6. Rixo Gwen gingham floral-print crepe midi dress

€330, Net-a-Porter

7. Printed Puff Sleeve Midi Dress

€99, & Other Stories