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05th Dec 2016

This Forever 21 choker is proof that the trend has gone WAY too far

What the hell is this?

Remember when you were a kid and chokers were really popular? The black stretchy ones that sometimes had beads on them were the most stylish thing around.

But then, they somehow managed to crawl their way back into fashion again.

Now, there’s more that just black stretchy ones, there’s lace, velvet, leather and ones that basically look like shoe laces.

Even with all those mentioned above, Forever 21 have managed to go that step further with these insane jacket-collar/choker hybrid things.


Now the choker (?) itself wasn’t being advertised. Instead, it was just used as an accessory to style this baseball jersey look, which still means that someone thought it looked good and made this poor model wear it.

A lot of people on Twitter seemed to notice the ridiculousness of the choker too.

Maybe it’s time to give the choker trend back to the 90s


Forever 21