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11th Feb 2019

There’s a DIY denim workshop happening in Dublin soon to jazz up your old jeans


You’ve probably got loads of them.

You’ve probably got loads of denim jackets, denim skirts, and other denim based items too – they’re a fairly popular fabric in fairness.

And while nabbing yourself a cheap enough pair of jeans (or seven) in the sales might seem like the most delicious of scenarios in the world, when you consider the sheer amount of denim that is bought and wasted every single day, it’s not all that ideal.

But if you’re looking for something (anything) to do with all that old denim you’ve got lying around, there’s a DIY workshop happening in Dublin this weekend that’ll give you everything you need to jazz your old jacket up.

Hosted by Sustainable Fashion Dublin, the DIY denim workshop will take place in Dublin’s The Tara Building on Saturday, February 16.

Participants will be provided with paints, threads, sparkles, and insider know-how to make their old dungarees wearable again and give their ancient jeans a new lease of life.

The event boasts a focus on “up-skilling instead of land-filling” as participants focus on injecting a flair and uniqueness into old clothes that otherwise may have found themselves in the bin.


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One of the event’s organisers, Geraldine Carton, said that the amount of water and chemicals needed to make just one pair of jeans is “astonishing.”

“The figures are really mind-boggling,” she said.

“So this is our way of encouraging people to give their old denim a second life and having fun as they do so; making their jacket, jeans or dungarees totally bespoke and personalised exactly how they’d like it.

“And all whilst meeting like-minded, creative people in the process – it’s a win-win!”

You can buy a ticket for the DIY denim workshop event for €25 here. 

The event will take place in The Tara Building, Tara St on Saturday, February 16 from 12pm – 2pm.