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24th Nov 2017

You can get the screen glasses bloggers swear by for FREE today

Go, go, go!

Olivia Hayes

If you work in an office, then you no doubt sit in front of a screen all day.

Even if you have great eye sight, staring at a computer or laptop can be a real strain on your eyes.

Writers, editors, bloggers and vloggers have all tried their hand wearing these glasses, and I can safely say that yes, they do indeed work.

And if you fancy purchasing a pair, then today is your lucky day because as part of Ambr Eyewear’s Black Friday deal, if you buy a pair today, you can get another pair absolutely free.

The 2 for 1 offer works by signing up here.

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If you want to check out how I got on with them, here’s my review:

That’s what I found after a year of working at a computer screen everyday. Within two hours, my eyes became strained and by the end of the day, they were sore and irritated.

I would look at images on my screen and think they were blurred, when in fact it was my tired eyes acting up.

However, my optician said I still have great eye sight… so I thought I should do some research myself.

Step in Ambr Eyewear. I first found out about these glasses on Instagram (as you do) and decided to buy a pair for myself about a month ago.

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Honestly, I was sceptical to see if the glasses actually work, because as we all know, many things are not as they seem on Instagram.

But, I decided to give them a go, and to be fair, they look really cool, so I didn’t mind wearing them either way.

Within a day I noticed that I didn’t have to strain as hard when looking at my laptop screen, and those headaches I used to get on the way home from work? Gone.

Ambr Eyewear currently has a line of four different glasses styles, and I opted for the Zenith style which I think gives a really laid back look.

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I also went a bit outside of the box and chose a red tortoise frame, which I’m loving, but they also supply plain black frames in every style, as well as regular tortoise, which are pretty slick too.

But how do they actually work? Well, the anti-glare technology used in the glasses combat problems of excessive screen use, which include itchy and sore eyes, while the blue light blocking filters more than 55 per cent of blue rays.

I was also surprised to find out that I went to sleep much easier since wearing them.

A recent study from the  Harvard School of Medicine found that blue light exposure can deplete the brain’s ability to produce melatonin, the sleep inducing hormone, and just last month, a paper on blue light from the University of Houston found that people who wore blue light blocking glasses before bed had a 58 per cent higher melatonin level than those who didn’t.

See? You can scroll on Instagram ’till your heart’s content now.

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Did I mention they also have the blogger seal of approval? Influencers such as James Kavanagh, Nicola Hughes and Roz Purcell have been spotted around town wearing them, so you know they’re seriously in at the moment.

But even so, my eyes are less strained, they’re not sore and itchy by the end of the day, and my headaches have seriously lessened in recent weeks.

If you want to check these beauties out and see what styles are available (they’re launching FIVE new colours soon), check out the Ambr Eyewear website here.

And if you want to get some inspo on how to style your new frames, check out Ambr’s Instagram, too.