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27th Feb 2018

Darren Kennedy has some new specs and we think you’ll like them


Brought to you by Specsavers.

Well if Darren is wearing them!…

He’s regarded as one of Ireland’s (and now the UK’s) most stylish men and it’s simple to see why, if you ask us.

Darren is forever trending on our Instagram feed and he’s forever giving us some major style inspiration not only for the men in our lives but even ourselves. He has that gift of looking remarkably sleek and handsome at every moment.

The TV presenter, designer and lifestyle writer from Dublin has been kept super busy in the last couple of weeks, not only working around the clock while ensuring his little fellow Harry (below) receives an adequate amount of attention, but even taking on some brand NEW projects…

One of the things we always associate with Darren are his specs! – and how he can sport eyewear quite unlike any other.

The ultimate fashionista himself is not only throwing us some serious style inspiration as per usual, but now, he has collaborated with Specsavers and has hand picked his top frames.

No doubt, he’s only too delighted, as the glasses-wearing Darren knows all too well the importance of finding that perfect pair. Yes, primarily it’s a medical device to help our sight, however, if you’re wearing specs around the clock – you’ll understand the desire to get your mitts on a chic pair.

So, Darren helped create none other than the Darren Kennedy Recommends Collection – sure to have oodles of options that complement our specific profile and facial features.

Tommy Hilfiger, TH 88, €189

The Specsavers brand ambassador (yes, Darren), went to great lengths to ensure numerous options of shapes, sizes, frames, comfort, style and long-term wearability – having rummaged through thousands of frames that Specsavers have to offer, managing to select his top 12 for the seasons!

Sounds like no easy feat to us… but it looks as though he did a mighty good job!

Osiris, Enigmatic, €189

Specsavers, Issey, €89

Gant, GA4060-1, €199

Kylie 04, €149

Boss Orange, BO 0272, €199

Specsavers, KAWAKUBO, €89

Specsavers, TOKYO, €89

Specsavers, SALINGER, €59

Osiris, Osiris Aspire, €189

Tommy Hilfiger, TH 86, €189

Tommy Hilfiger, TH 85, €189


Brought to you by Specsavers.