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31st Mar 2014

The Evolution Of Style – History Of The Classic White Shirt

Bringing it back.

“The beautifully designed HTC One (m8) goes on sale at the end of the week and to mark the occasion, we continue our evolution of style series looking at the history of the classic white shirt.”

The white shirt was originally seen as an item worn only by the wealthy, white easily stains but as they didn’t work, they could avoid ruining spotless whites.

In the forties, the white shirt was made famous by Hollywood stars, from Katherine Hepburn who wore it in Holiday to Lauren Bacall in Key Largo.

12. lauren bacall

Lauren Bacall wearing a white shirt

During the 1950s then, Roman Holiday made the white shirt even more popular. Audrey Hepburn wore hers with rolled up sleeves and a prominent collar.


Audrey Hepburn wore another style of shirt

Skip forward to the 1980s where Prince worn his white shirt, paired with ruffled jackets making him quite the fashion forward icon.

Dirty Dancing also saw the tied-up white shirt surge in popularity, with Frances B Houseman (Baby) wearing hers for much of the film.

Julia Roberts in a white shirt is a famous image from Pretty Woman, a much loved film.


Julia Roberts wears white well

Also a big player in music, Patti Smyth wore a white shirt to cover her album Horses and the image is a widely recognised one.


An iconic image of Pattti Smyth

In addition to music and films, the white shirt is a huge part of fashion history too. A style staple, this is one item that will never go out of fashion.

Calvin Klein featured the white shirt in the nineties as did Donna Karan… fast forward to today and Dior and Stella McCartney are both revisiting this ageless classic.

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