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22nd Oct 2022

The best Halloween costumes inspired by viral 2022 moments

Ellen Fitzpatrick

We got you.

Halloween seems to get closer and closer each year and as it approaches and you’re making plans for the big night out, the costume takes centre stage.

With the hectic world we live in though, sometimes it can be the last thing on our minds and as the date comes, we find ourselves not even knowing what we want to go as.

If you’ve left it until now and still don’t know what you want to go as, or simply can pin down an idea, this is for you.

2022 saw a lot of viral moments, there have been strange TikTok trends, extreme fashion moments and celebrity outfits that are completely out there – and they all make great Halloween costumes.

Kim Kardashian’s Balenciaga tape

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Grab yourself a yellow morphe suit, most Halloween stores have them, some yellow duct tape and a black marker and you’re on your way.

Julia Fox’s Oscar gown

Remember the dress? The one with the hand at the neck… yeah, could be a fun one.

Kylie Jenner at the Met

White mesh t-shirt and a wedding dress from the 80s in a charity shop, topped with a white cap and veil – done.

Bella Hadid’s spray painted dress

To be honest, we’re not entirely sure how Coperni even pulled this one off, but if you manage to find a way, go for it.

Miami Boys Choir

@miamiboyschoir ???? after 40+ years of performance excellence, here were 4 soloists who helped usher in big changes for the Miami Boys Choir – the beginning of the Gen-Z generation of MBC’s worldwide fans and followers (2008-2012) #vocals #solo #performance #israel #ישראל #מוסיקה #music #jewish ♬ original sound – Yerachmiel Begun and MBC

This one might be a bit niche, but grab a satin grey shirt, a tie and a microphone and you could be one of these legends.

Chrome lady

@lilliscorner What actions led me here #chromelady #biscuit ♬ original sound – Reggie D

Even more niche, but if you know you know.

Chrissy from Stranger Things

The song on TikTok is still stuck in my head.

Margot Robbie as Barbie

As soon as the picture was released, it was everywhere and hey, Barbiecore is in any way.