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16th Jul 2019

This swap shop summer party is going to be the highlight of your weekend

This sounds like a great event.

If you want to be more conscious while shopping and buying clothes, then we hear you. With fast fashion so easily accessible and affordable, it can be easy to fall into the trap for buying €5 tops and €12 jeans.

Between high street shops and online retailers, we can get clothes for little or nothing, however we all need to try and be more conscious with what we wear.

If you want to try make a start in the sustainable way of life, then head to Tara Buildings on Saturday at 6pm for the ultimate swap shop event.

Sustainable Fashion Dublin is throwing its summer party which will see fashion enthusiasts celebrate just how far sustainability has come this year.

As well as a swap shop – where you bring five items to receive five new items – there will also be treats supplied by Nutbutter and a cocktail (or two) from Bloom Gin. Then sit back, relax and have your eyes opened by the amazing documentary – The True Cost.

Tickets for the event are priced at €18. If you want to purchase one and find out more about the summer party, check out here.