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31st Aug 2023

Sophia Richie is making inside out trousers a thing and we’re not mad

Sophia Richie has been the it girl long before her wedding earlier this summer, and her latest fashion move might just be why.

The socialite was photographed recently wearing a simple black t-shirt and wide-leg pants, not an unusual look for the 25-year-old – but it was how she wore them that had us rethinking everything we know about fashion.

After being deemed the poster girl for “quiet luxury”, this look was slightly outside of the box for Sophia despite the initial description seeming more mundane.

Typically when Sophia steps out, she’s donning camel coats, and vintage designer dresses with blazers of the same background. Everything about her day-to-day style screams “elegant and sophisticated”, or at least that’s what stylist Liat Baruch says.

Straying away from her typical “classic cuts and sharp tailoring, often with menswear pieces”, this look was far from the ordinary.


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When you take a much closer look, the trousers Sophia has opted for are a statement in their own right. The pants were deliberately constructed inside out, there is a rough hemline visible from the waist to the ankle and the pockets on the trousers have no other function than to appear as if they’re the wrong way around.

The look is bringing her typical luxury style in a new direction, which we’ve been seeing a lot more over the last number of years.

Starting with the blazer and jeans combo, we swiftly moved on to the corset and cargos. Fashion is everchanging, and constantly revolutionising itself – and this look only further proves that.

Sophia has taken a slick pair of trousers and altered their design and meaning. It gives edgy, chaotic and brand new – something we’ve been begging to see from her.

Of course, with this look, Sophia still has to give her statement luxury aspect – pairing it with classic Chanel dad sandals and a suede brown bag slung over her shoulder.