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20th Feb 2022

Renting? 5 small ways to update your space – that your landlord won’t mind

Trine Jensen-Burke

easy ways to update rental home

Moving in somewhere new and making the place your own – is there anything more exciting?

We think not.

However, while it is easy to make all the choices yourself when it comes to a place you own (budget willing), this might not be as clear cut when it comes to a place you are renting.

Whether you have recently moved into a rented apartment in the city or house in the country, the reality is that the landlord will often have furnished the place – and often, not in a style or with items you would have picked yourself. However, while you can’t make any major changes, you could, however, ask your landlord if he or she would mind taking out some furniture and let you buy your own if that is a possibility – I have done that many times in places I have lived before, but here in Ireland and other countries.

And even if that is not an options, there are other ways to update a rented space – even if you working with a very small budget to do so.

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Here are five easy – and affordable – ways to give our rental property an upgrade – all without doing any damage and that the landlord won’t mind in the slightest.

The best bit? You get to take all these with you when you go – meaning they all make a smart and long-term investment.

Ready to spruce up the place?

1. Add rugs

Yes, wooden floors are lovely, but can easily look a bit bland, not to mention feel a little bare in winter.

The easy and affordable solution? Rugs! Not only can they add colour and texture to a room, but rugs can also help you zone areas of big, open rooms easier. A nice runner will add some colour to a hallway, and you can even put a runner or rug in the kitchen, to soften up the look of tiles or linoleum.

For great, on-trend and affordable options, check out H&M Home.

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2. Change out kitchen hardware

OK, so you might not be able to install your absolute dream kitchen right now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make it a little bit more your style – even in a rented home.

An easy solution to change up the look of a kitchen is to just swap out the hardware, you know; the knobs and handles of presses.

Most of these are easy to replace and switch out, so just take a little browse through Pinterest and come up with some ideas, and head to your nearest homeware store and pick out some new ones. Now, once home, all you have to do is simply replace what is already in the kitchen (keep them safe, so you can change back to these ones before you move out) with your new knobs and handles, and sit back and admire the difference such a small change can make.

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3. Add some greenery

Green plants are still going strong in terms of interior trends, and just as well, as they are such an easy way to help add more colour and that lived-in look to your home.

Opt for large potted ones, and use them throughout your home, from your living room to the bathroom.

We love Irish store, Clay, an online plant shop with the most gorgeous selection of plants.

4. Use cushions and throws to add pattern and colour

Yet another one of my favourite ways to change up the look and feel of a room. Cushions or cushion covers are such an inexpensive way of adding some interest (and softness) to your sofa, armchair, bed etc, and can make all the difference when it comes to making a place look more ‘yours.’

If you already got some Pinterest boards with ideas for your dream home (don’t we all??), reference that and get ordering. Again, H&M Home has some great, affordable options, and I am also obsessed with Etsy, especially when it comes to vintage- and kelim styles.

Or – even better – if you are a dab hand with the sewing machine – get stuck in and make your own.

Bonus? You can change these around, and adapt to season if you feel like changing things up throughout the year.

5. Art and lighting

Yet another easy peasy way to make a rental home feel more yours – add some artwork to your walls and update the lighting. Ceiling pendants or wall-mounted lights might be harder to do something about, but try adding some mood lighting in the form or table lamps, you’ll be surprised at how this can totally change up the mood and feel of a room.

Zara Home has some great and pretty affordable options when it comes to lighting and I am obsessed with for photography artwork – again, such an easy way to put your own stamp on a place. And one that you get to bring with you when you leave too. A win-win!

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