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07th Sep 2018

Penneys reveals its Fortnite collection and don’t you know ALL the cool kids will buy it

Olivia Hayes

This will sell out in SECONDS.

For the past year, all we’ve heard about is Fortnite. While we haven’t played it ourselves, we know about it, we’ve seen it and we’ve listened to people talk about it.

Basically, it’s the game that has captured a whole generation of kids.

And now, Penneys is launching a Fortnite t-shirt collection.

The retailer said on Instagram: “Our loot of official Fortnite merch has landed exclusively at Primark. Make your way up the ranks and achieve that coveted victory royale in one of these must-have tees.”

The t-shirts start at €8, so they’re definitely a bargain and will surely sell out super fast.

However, if you don’t really care about the Fortnite merch and want something a bit more ~*fashionable*~ then you should check out these €11 skirts that come in three colours.

You’d be mad not to pick up one (or three) of these skirts from their latest arrivals. We know you’ll wear them all season long.

Theme with boots, tights and a cosy knit for warm, casual days or glam them up with over-the-knee heels and a going-out top. Versatile.