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28th Mar 2018

This new underwear had an almost 30,000 person waitlist before launching

Keeley Ryan

After 40 prototypes and two years, it’s finally here.

Finding lingers that is not only stylist but comfortable as well can seem like a near-impossible task – which is why Everlane stepped in.

The New York retailer is well known for their affordable (and incredibly comfortable) clothing.

So it’s no wonder that people were snapping up their newest collection as soon as it launched on site.

The brand, who previously went viral for their €40 work pant with the 12,000 person waitlist, announced their underwear line on Monday, March 26.

They said in a social media statement that it had taken two years and 40 prototypes to come up with the final product.

And based off the waiting list they had before it even launched, it sounds like it was well worth the late.

They wrote:

“Underwear should be made for you. But for decades, it’s been designed with someone else in mind.

“Bras that push, pad and squeeze. Fabrics that suffocate. Lace that chafes. The industry has made billions telling women that in order to feel sexy, they need to look like something they’re not.

“But times are changing – and so should our underwear.

“Two years ago, our product team set out on a mission: create simple, natural underwear that women can feel confident and comfortable in. No frills. No bows.

“Forty prototypes later – it’s here.

“A line of beautiful, Supima cotton underwear that’s healthy on your skin, flatters every curve – and made at a factory that’s leading the way in ethical manufacturing. On wages. Workplace environment. And the empowerment of its 50,000 female employees.”

Among the items in the new collection is a bralette, a bodysuit and four styles of underwear: bikini, hipster, high rise and thong.

Each of them are available in four colours, white, black, grey, light pink.

Everything in the range is priced beginning at €9.60 ($12), going up to €24 ($30).

The collection is made of 92 per cent Supima cotton, which is well known for its softness and strength – so it’s no wonder the line has already proven to be a hit with fans.

According to The Daily Mail, Everlane had a 28,420 person waiting list for their first ever underwear collection before it even launched.

And in the 48 hours that followed, the hotly anticipated collection is flying off the virtual shelves, with many sizes already sold out.