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24th Jan 2018

The ‘naked wedding dress’ is a thing now and we can’t be dealing


Jade Hayden

naked wedding dress

Why wear white when you can wear nothing?

The only thing you’d be needing during your wedding day is the attention of everyone in the room.

What’s the point of bothering to tie the knot and marry the person you want to spend the rest of your life with if all eyes aren’t on you and only you during the big day?

Waste of time and money, to be honest.

Now, we’re willing to go pretty far to make sure that no one even so much as glances at anybody else on our wedding days.

We’re talking stunning dress, incredible makeup that’s topped up at least every 1.5 hours, and hair that you absolutely will not be touching because you definitely will mess it up.

There is one thing though that we’re not entirely sure we’d be into and that’s a naked wedding dress.

Mostly because being semi or entirely naked in front of an extended group of people isn’t something we’re exactly into, but also because if we’re going to pay thousands for a wedding dress, we’d kinda like all the fabric to be there.

There it is there now.

The so-called naked wedding dress.

We can see why people are calling it that too – it’s mostly sheer material running from head to toe with a fairly dazzling bodice in between.

Nothing on the groin area though.

Not a stitch.

The dress made its debut yesterday as part of On Aura Tout Vu’s spring/summer bridal collection at Paris Couture fashion week.

And although we won’t be wearing it anytime soon (maybe), we have to admit – it’s pretty divine all the same.

And so are, eh, the fashion house’s other looks too.


If the thought of even looking at the naked wedding dress sends you into a sweat though, don’t worry because there were plenty of other slightly tamer wedding dresses on show too.

And you could probably wear these to a church more comfortably.

Not entirely certain about the logistics of that last one but sure look, we’ll give it a go.

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