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12th May 2019

The 8 bras every woman should have in their underwear drawer

The perfect bra can transform an outfit.

We spend so much time thinking about what clothes we should wear, that we often forget about the importance of what’s underneath.

No, we’re not talking about inner beauty – while that is important, that’s for another article – we’re talking about bras.

For years we would spend nothing more than a fiver on budget bras and have a collection to rival any Victoria’s Secret model.

But since then we’ve learned that quality is better than quantity, and choosing the right bra will have you feeling a lot more comfortable in your clothes.

Here are eight bras we think every woman should own.


1. The T-shirt bra

Gorgeous DD+ at Debenhams – €30

It’s a classic and for good reason. This everyday style may not be the most glamorous to look at but it sure is comfortable. A good nude, seam-free design will always be your go-to in the morning.


2. The push-up bra

Dorina Claire at ASOS – €24.32

Sometimes, bigger feels better, and the push-up is the only way to go if you’re looking for some added oomph. Whether you’re small-busted and looking for extra padding, or you’re a big-busted girl who just needs some lift, the push-up bra is the perfect choice for an event or night out.


3. The multi-way bra

Marks and Spencer – €27

The one bra we never buy. Why? Because it’s hideous and those straps are always a nightmare to manoeuvre. But, with the right multi-way, you’ve got the perfect bra for travelling, weekends away and that one top that never seems to hide your bra straps.


4. The strapless bra

Ultimo at Littlewoods – €38

We’ve spent hours in search of good strapless bra. From the jumping jacks test, to shimmying our way around the dressing room, these babies need to have us feeling safer than a baby in the womb. Get the right one, and you’ll cherish it for years.


5. The stick-on bra

Sneaky Vaunt – €45

We’ve come a long way since those JML stick-on bras. And with clothing becoming sheerer and cut-out panels going nowhere fast, a bra that goes virtually undetected has become a necessity.


6. The sports bra

Life Style Sports – €30

You don’t have to be a gym bunny to invest in one of these. A sports bra is the perfect option when you need maximum support. Whether it’s weekend walks or you’re running around town doing odd jobs for the day – hey, it’s tiring work – this bra has got you covered.


7. The bralette

Penneys – €8

They might not do anything for our bust line, but boy do they look cute. The perfect combination of comfort and style, you’re sure to find yourself building up quite the selection of colours and materials.


8.The sexy bra

Topshop – €29

For no other reason than to feel good in yourself. Studies have shown that women who wear sexy lingerie feel a lot more confident and empowered – and that’s all the reasons we need.