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03rd Nov 2023

There is now a new Irish online marketplace that meets all of our fashion needs


Fall in love with preloved.

When it comes to fashion, there are two important factors to keep in mind: sustainability and affordability.

Before we enter the Christmas season, which comes with more parties and weddings than any other time of the year, finding occasion wear that ticks both of these boxes can be difficult.

However, a new Irish online marketplace is here to cater to shoppers and sellers on both counts; a platform called ‘Another Day Out’ officially launches itself into the fashion industry.

Partygoers and wedding guests are now able to avail of Another Day Out, which is a site that has been designed specifically to buy and sell occasion wear.

Many of us, myself included, are guilty of purchasing clothing purely for one big day, and then it is likely to never have its day in the sun again.

Now you can sell that debs dress or that bridesmaid gown that would otherwise collect dust in your wardrobe so it gets a new life on someone else shopping on this new marketplace.

Another Day Out’s founder, Grace O’Sullivan, wanted to address fashion concerns that were born out of the backlog of events in the aftermath of Covid lockdowns, as well as the cost-of-living crisis impacting shoppers options.

“Given the times we’re in, it’s not just about sustainability, it’s also about affordability.”

She came to realise that she was purchasing clothing every month only to wear it once.

This, Grace admits, was purely out of convenience, as she recognised the time constraints that finding preloved clothing can have, thus inspiring a platform to make sustainable shopping easier for consumers.

“It’s not that I didn’t’ want to buy a preloved dress; I just found it more convenient to shop in the larger retail stores. It can be time-consuming trying to shop for preloved items, and I was frustrated not being able to find the dress that I was looking for.”

“We’re unique in that we don’t take commission on the sale of items,” Grace adds.

Listing an item on the site operates on a ‘one-off’ payment fee per item, which is dependent on the price of the item you wish to upload to Another Day Out.

“We’re encouraging women to explore the new website, and whether you’re buying or selling, give those much-loved items Another Day Out!”

To shop preloved occasion wear on this Irish-owned platform, visit