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01st Sep 2021

The internet is losing it over these ASOS leather trousers

Ellen Fitzpatrick

We’re sorry for what you’re about to see.

Fashion trends come and go, and this one we’re about to show you is one we really hope goes as soon as humanly possible.

Remember back in the nineties and the early 2000s when everyone would wear low rise jeans, so low that it turned into a trend to have your thong sticking out for all of the world to see?

Well, we have some bad news, it appears that ASOS has decided to bring this back, but they may have done it in the strangest way we’ve ever seen.

Calling them “thong back trousers”, these are exactly what you’re picturing in your head and we really don’t know how to feel about anything anymore.

From the front, they’re just crocodile print black leather mid-rise trousers, and from this angle they’re actually really nice, and for €30 they seem like a steal. But then you turn around.

Dipping on the back, there’s a piece of material in the space that the top half of the bum should be, it’s a very interesting style.

And the second these bad boys hit the internet, all hell broke loose as nobody could take them seriously, and people are really losing it over these trousers.

One person said: “Victorians! Let the absolutely absurdity of these thong pants on ASOS cheer you up – and pray that lockdown lasts long enough that we never have to see anyone wearing these out on chapel street on a Saturday night.”

Another said: “I’d rather sink to the bottom of the ocean and be eaten by crabs.”

A third wrote: “Straight out of 1999.”

Another was truly unimpressed, saying: “I feel like you’d have to hitch these up all the time? Are the two parts attached? When you think about the environmental catastrophe of fast fashion, it defies belief that some one gave these the green light.”

Whether you love them or hate them, they exist, do what you like with this information.