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25th Aug 2019

The Ikea 2020 catalogue is just out – and here are the bits we are most excited about

August means a lot of things.

The summer is almost over, back-to-school/college season is almost upon us. And – the brand new Ikea catalogue comes out.

Which, if you are as obsessed with your home and interiors as I am, you will have been eagerly anticipating all summer.

And right not, the 2020 Ikea catalogue has just been released, and, having spend a few lovely evening hours last night flicking through it, I think I have managed to pick out the 10 most standout, gorgeous pieces. Which, let me tell you, was not an easy task, considering that this catalogue was even more fabulous than last year’s (and how it that even possible?)

Ikea catalogue

Aas always the catalogue packed with smart and stylish design ideas. The name of the 2020 catalog is ‘Get Ready For A Fresh Start’ because you don’t have to wait for New Years Eve to make a new beginning. The Ikea 2020 Catalog is dedicated to saving our sleep, featuring a range of new products and design solutions from blackout blinds to ergonomic pillows to help consumers achieve the perfect work/life/sleep balance. It also has some great new functional storage furniture, making it easier for us all to keep our homes tidy and organised.

 This year, Ikea has concluded there are 5 emotional needs of a home:

Belonging is about feeling part of a group of people who accept you for who you really are and places that reflect you.

Ownership isn’t just about deeds and mortgages, it’s about having a sense of control over the space and place you live in.

Security is about feeling safe and grounded not about the locks on the door.

Comfort is about feeling content and at ease in your surroundings.

Privacy is about having control over where and how you can disconnect and reflect.

And for the 2020 catalog, the designers at Ikea was inspired to create homes that show situations and design solutions that help illustrate these five emotional needs.

Curious as for what you are going to be buying? I think these 10 are a great start:

1. Vadholma Kitchen Island with Rack

How gorgeous is this? Tons more storage, a breakfast bar, we simply would love this amazing stand-alone island in our own kitchens.


Ikea catalogue

2. Morgente Plate and Bowl set

Love this for our breakfast table. I especially love that they come as a set, and the gorgeous pastel hues.


Ikea catalogue

3. Lubban Serving Cart

Perfect as a bar cart, a side table or even a night stand.


Ikea catalogue

4. Eneby Bluetooth Speaker

Sleek, cool and doesn’t even look like a loudspeaker at all.


Ikea catalogue

5. Buskbo Armchair

Rattan is back with a bang, and if you are looking to give your home a little bit of California cool, well, then this chair is a good start.


6. Saxborga Storage Box

With the jars and storage box you can easily keep all those smaller items organised, and to bring them with you, when you need them somewhere else.


Ikea catalogue

7. Sandared pouffe

I actually have bought one of these already, and love how perfect it is as an extra seat, or a footrest even. My children love climbing on it and using it for play too, so I think I might just have to pick up another one on my next Ikea visit.


Ikea catalogue

8. Livsverk Vases

Love how these group together and make a stylish display. Perfect for a mantel or on a shelf in your living room.

From €4 for the smallest one

9. Flottebo Sofa-bed with side table 

Watch movies or talk to a friend. Read a book or take a break with the family. Email or sleep. Here’s space for everything in your life. Moveable cushions make the sofa comfy for sitting on and lying down.


10. Skallran Table/Wall Lamp

Love hos this base can be used as either a table lamp or wall lamp – to suit you and your home best. Then combine the lamp foot with any decorative light bulb to make the lamp personal.

€6 (for base)