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05th Apr 2019

Hollister’s latest swimwear campaign refreshingly showcases real women with different bodies

More of this, please.

Denise Curtin

This is what we like to see.

Most of us millennials have grown up with the idea that Hollister was for the elite, the popular kids. Unless you were stick thin with a natural Californian glow and stunning long hair well then, you didn’t just feel out of place in Hollister but, you were almost put off from stepping inside thanks to the literal models they strategically placed at the doors.

Yeah, Hollister and Abercrombie had a real knack for making us feel like shit in our youth but, thankfully for the generations coming up the ranks, they’ve changed their tune.

In the latest swimwear campaign from Hollister, we get a refreshing look at bikinis on REAL bodies of ALL different sizes.

Their new models have big boobs, cellulite, hips, uneven tan lines and basically, just realistic bodies that we’re happy to see.

For a brand that aims to draw in consumers aged 14 -18-years-old, it’s good to see them actively changing their perceived image to one that’s more body positive for girls at an influential age.

Reminding women in a time that’s so heavily driven by photoshop and Instagram likes that real beauty is not just about how you look but how you feel, it’s important to note that size shouldn’t bring you confidence, a mindset should.

ASOS has too followed suit, showing women with stomach rolls in their latest campaign. We’re all praise for this change – here’s to seeing more of it.

You can shop the swimwear here.