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06th Dec 2019

Gift guide: 7 fail-safe gifts to get your sister when you haven’t got a clue

She will love you for these!

Denise Curtin

Christmas is fast approaching and it’s time to get that shopping done.

But, as the Christmas rush can be utterly terrifying and trying to think of gifts on the spot – an absolute nightmare, it’s time to plan and prep your purchases before you step foot outside or virtually online.

However, if you’re stuck in a rut and cannot think of anything your sister might specifically like, we’re here to help.

Between the team, we’ve come up with a fail-safe list of seven items that are perfect for 99 percent of sisters (we gave ourselves a 1 percent fail rate).

From candles to slippers, these items are always well received and they’re ones we enjoy receiving too!

So, to help you get that thinking cap on (or purchase now), here are some ideas, links to purchase and presents your sister will totally love you for.

Ugg slippers

€78.34 – buy here

I’ve a pair of these bad boys myself and although a little expensive, they last the test of time and the comfort level cannot be matched – I live in these!

Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir candle

€52 – buy here

Jo Malone is a well-known fail safe, their candles are divine and the scent fills a room. Plus, the burn time is amazing and the packaging is minimal and chic – perfect for a coffee table or a bedroom dresser.

ASOS voucher

€ you choose the price (available in pounds only)  – buy here 

Although people get iffy about gifting vouchers, they’re honestly a great thing to receive instead of a gift that’s totally not suited to the person you’re gifting it too. Use the money more wisely and gift them something with option.

Nike yoga pants

€45 – buy here

You can never go wrong with a good pair of gym pants. From lounging in, going to college in, doing the housework in and oh yeah, the gym if you’re arsed, yoga pants are great. Black goes with everything and you can be sure she’ll wear them at some stage for some activity.

Keep cup

€29 – buy here

Long gone are the days of getting a takeaway coffee in a takeaway cup, as we try to become more conscious of the planet and the amount of waste we produce, it’s all about making small steps to reduce our carbon footprint and a reusable cup is one thing you can certainly use.


€80 – €100 – from the local beauty therapist or one that’s convenient to her home/work

Minding your skin and pampering yourself is something we all need to do and so, why not have you sis heading into 2020 the right way, lying down, getting massaged and revitalised, absolutely yes.

Chupi jewellery

€149 – buy here

Supporting Irish businesses and local incredible designs. Chupi’s pieces aren’t only handmade but they feature such intricate and beautiful designs, last a lifetime and also come with a fabulous message and packaging.

We adore.

And although Christmas isn’t about the presents and more so about spending time with your loved ones (although we do love a gift!) it’s good to remember that it’s the thought that counts so don’t feel too stressed on securing the perfect gift, we’re 99 percent sure they’ll love you regardless.