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19th Aug 2019

From veils to headpieces; how wedding fashion is changing for new brides

Olivia Hayes

Fashion and style is forever evolving.

However, when it comes to fashion and style for brides, it hasn’t changed in decades.

While there have been various trends throughout the years, bridal fashion has always been a white dress and veil. It has never moved far past it.

Many brides will sway and go for a bright colour or a jumpsuit which is always refreshing to see. Something out of the ordinary and fun, but when it comes to your wedding day, you have to be happy and comfortable in what you’re wearing, which is why many brides are choosing to ditch the veil.

In the past few years, there has been a major rise in hairbands and head pieces taking centre stage. Just this week, Irish TV presenter Kathryn Thomas wore a bespoke headpiece for her nuptials to Padraig McLoughlin in Co Kildare.


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Similarly, clothing designer Emma Manly opted for a contemporary Laura Kinsella piece when she tied the knot in 2017 to Eoin Ó Suilleabhain.

Head pieces and bands are different, stylish and can make your look entirely unique. They’re a breath of fresh air on the Irish wedding scene.


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We spoke to headband designer Aisling Kavanagh recently and she said that it’s a collaborative process between herself and her clients, making the finished piece very significant.

“Just seeing the clients so happy with the designs, they’re involved from start to finish, and seeing pictures on the day makes it extra special,” she said.


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You can see why a bride-to-be might go for a headpiece; you’re involved with how it’s made, you can put your creative input into it and you know that it will be something that nobody else has.

With more and more head piece designers making waves in Ireland, and more and more brides wanting something different on their wedding day, is this a new road that we’re going to see become popular with Irish brides? I definitely think so.