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27th Apr 2019

We have fallen in love with this matching zebra print top and trousers from Penneys

Olivia Hayes

What a stunning little co-ord.

It’s always around this time of year that we get a bit fed up with what’s in our wardrobes. A change in weather (or the many ups and downs in the weather) can see us wanting to alter what we wear from drab winter clothes to fun summer ones.

But of course, we’re not the Kardashians and can’t afford to just buy a whole new wardrobe.

That’s why we love a bit of Penneys in our lives because adding in one affordable piece from the store can completely jazz up anything, just like this zebra print top.

The top also comes with matching trousers but what we love about a co-ord is that you can wear them together or separately and get so many different outfits from them.

We also love how, even though we’re stepping into summer, the top is still long sleeves so we won’t be freezing our asses off with the temperamental Irish weather.

If you were to wear them separately, we pair the top with some mom jeans and Doc Martens, while we’d match the trousers up with a sequin crop top for the ultimate festival look.

With prices starting at only €16, we’d say this co-ord is going to be snatched up so grab it while you can.