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23rd Jan 2018

€9 Penneys lace lingerie set is the perfect Victoria’s Secret dupe


There’s nothing that a nice new underwear set can’t fix.

Bad day at the office? Get yourself some new briefs.

Boyfriend break up with you? Purchase a new bralette.

Finally experience the mundanity of life and futility of existence? Buy a lace bodysuit.


Victoria’s Secret finally opened up its doors in Dublin last month and it’s safe to say that most people were fairly delighted.

The shop is at least three floors of lingerie, bras, sportswear, and lots of lovely smells.

It’s pretty nice and some of the pieces are stunning and literally too nice to wear…. however, they’re also painfully expensive.

Buying new underwear is the solution to all of life’s problems, except when you don’t actually have about 80 quid to drop on that new underwear.

As it turns out though, we don’t need expensive stores to quell our lace-fuelled needs because Penneys’ latest lingerie more than gets the job done.

And at literally a fraction of the price.

This pink lace set in particular has really caught our attention due to the fact that it absolutely screams VS vibes

It also costs €9 so, you know, bargain.

The bralette is currently on sale for €4 and the Brazilian pants for €5.

The key to making any grim day at least 80 percent less awful we feel.

The set is just one of many divine lingerie pieces that have dropped into Penneys recently.

It’s also just one of the good few that bear a striking resemblance to much of the Victoria’s Secret collection.

Take for instance this bralette and pantie set retailing for over €60.

Stunning, we know, but when you can pick something very similar up in Penneys for a sixth of the price, what’s a gal to do?

(Plus the Penneys version is far more risqué too… which can only be a good thing.)