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13th Oct 2018

The €40 Zara coat that will take you from cool autumn days to rainy fall nights

Jade Hayden

zara coat


It’s autumn.

And while we’d all love for that to mean nothing but crunchy leaves, pumpkin spice lattes, and a bit of spookiness on the side, it also means lots of less-than-desirable things too like shit weather, chronic wind, and a load of rain.

Less than ideal, tbh.

Unfortunately, this scenario also lends itself to not having a clue what to wear every single days of our lives.

Is it going to lash rain at 1pm but be sunny by 4 o’clock?

Yes it most certainly will, and there’ll probably be a bit of snow in there too because why not?

Honestly who cares though because Zara has sorted us all out with the ultimate coat to see us from the crisp cool days to the rainy upsetting nights all without needing an outfit change.

Because really, who has the time or the energy?

This it it:

So pretty.

So light.

And yet, covering enough skin that you won’t get absolutely drenched while you’re wearing it.

Maybe just bring an umbrella along with you too though. No one ever said there was a hood.

The coat has a round neck, long sleeves, and a tie belt around the waist.

It included pockets in the front and front button fastening so you can 100 percent protect yourself against all of the elements while also looking class.

The coat also only costs 40 quid, so you wouldn’t be well passing up on it, tbh.

Just be careful with it, yeah? It’s white.