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18th Aug 2018

The €32 Penneys suit that you won’t take off for the entirety of Autumn

Jade Hayden


If you’re looking for something new to wear to the office or the pub or the variety of places you could head in between those two spots, this suit will absolutely do you.

And it’ll somehow only cost you €32 too.


This is the trousers and blazer co-ord combination that we’ve been fawning over for the entire day.

We know. Unreal.

The black and grey checked look costs just 16 quid for jacket and pants respectively and is currently available in Penneys stores across the country.

Team it with some casual runners as styled above, or a brogue shoe, or a mid-heel.

Legit whatever you put with this suit you’ll be serving serious looks so don’t worry about it.

Penneys has been seriously killing it these past few weeks when it comes to Autumn #looks too.

If you haven’t been in to have a look over the past while, please do yourself a favour and head over because the trousers game in particular is pretty special.

Take, for example, Courtney Smith’s €16 pink checked pants she styled with a white top and some heels during the week.

Or the absolute Clueless-esque skirts that have clearly been flying out of the budget store over the past few weeks.