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06th Sep 2019

This €20 dress from Penneys is absolutely PERFECT for the Autumn months

Rebecca O'Keeffe


Winter is coming…

This week was the first in months that I left the house with a coat on.

We can’t deny it anymore lads, the seasons have changed, and there’s a chill in the air.

And I’m actually weirdly delighted?

Sure, summer is gorgeous and I’ll miss it terribly, but there’s something so delightful about Autumn and Winter.

The fashion is so cosy and gorge, with hats, scarves and gloves (and fluffy cosy knits, of course!)

At the moment, we’re in that awkward transitional period, and that can be tricky when it comes to clothing.

However, Penneys have some really amazing transitional pieces at the moment.

Currently, the brand are selling a divine long sleeved, floral dress that would be gorgeous with tights and boots.

Autumn fashion goals tbh.

It’s a beige colour, with a gorgeous subtle floral print and a high neck – and we’re so loving it!

Like all Penneys clothing, this baby is available in a wide range of sizes, and is our best bargain of winter 2019.

Sure, it’s only €20 lads. Sure where else would you get it?

The brand posted a snap of the dress on Instagram, and captioned it:

“A floaty, floral look that works no matter what the weather decides to do. Dress £15/€20 #Primark #fashion”

Gorgeous, right?

There is a catch sadly – this lad is not currently available in Ireland, but we’re hoping it will be soon!

However, it is available in the UK, Germany and The Netherlands.

Happy shopping folks.