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24th Sep 2022

Cardigan season is here and these are the trends you need to look out for

Ellen Fitzpatrick

Cardigan season is back, baby.

It’s officially cardigan season and we can now snuggle up, wrap ourselves around our comfiest clothes and for a while, not have to worry too much about putting an outfit together.

By not having to put an outfit together, I mean that the cardigan usually is the outfit. Finding cardigans that make a statement and speak for themselves is the best part about autumn, and ones that can be worn again and again with different looks – they’re the dream.

Cardigans work for every occasion, from work to taking it more chill, there’s always a great excuse to wear them as we come into the colder months.

We’ve been keeping an eye on the fashion emerging from red carpets and recent fashion weeks, pulling out the trends that have been prominent over the last few weeks, especially when it comes to knitwear.


Patterns are a trend we’re seeing a lot this season, not just when it comes to cardigans. But when we’re talking about cardigans, patterns seem to be the go-to in the street style world.

Large graphics, floral prints, geometric designs and simple stripes, patterns will make your cardigan really stand out and pairing something like this with neutrals and basics, you can have endless outfits by rewearing the same piece.


Cardigans are known to usually be button downs, and this trend isn’t going anywhere but simple getting more exaggerated.

Chunky knits with chunky or embroided buttons are in, and the more glam the better, even if they’re on a plain cardigan. They can elevate the more casual look and with a little bit more glam, they can make you feel as if the outfit is much more than it is.

Mid length

Katie Holmes is the queen of the cardigan, we remember a few years ago when she wore the cardigan and knit bra duo that had everyone rushing to buy the same.

This year, she’s done it again but this time, it’s a longer take on her once viral cropped look. Going for a cardigan that sits just below the bum, not only will we be kept that little bit warmer, but if we can take our inspo from Katie, it’s a win-win.


Last but certainly not least – collars. Thick or exaggerated collars are a statement in themselves, so adding this to a cardigan and you’ve got the whole package.

This has been seen on cropped, short sleeved cardigans and really ties them together, but there have been a few looks where they have been added to longer version, and one stunning wide sleeve number. Collars are simple, yet effective and should not be slept on when it comes to our knitwear.