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22nd Feb 2018

You can now buy pyjamas with your pets face on them and we NEED a pair

So adorable!

Denise Curtin

Oh my word…

Doggie pjs are very cute but doggie pjs of YOUR doggie’s face emblazoned all over them, well, that just blows the cute scale out of the water.

So basically – Patricia’s Couture based in Somerville, New Jersey is offering a service like no other. Through her website, you can upload a picture of your furry friend, be it your cute little doggo or maybe like one of our Her girls, you are weak for your rabbit, whatever animal that prioritises your life, this service will print it for you all over a pair of custom made, poly-cotton blend pjs.

The pjs are available in sizes for both men and women and TBH we need a pair ASAP.

Just look at how ecstatic this man is with his…


Now the pjs do cost a pretty penny at $149 approx (€120) a pair – so, we are starting to realise when J-Lo sang about love not costing a thing she was never in the market for a pair of custom made doggie pjs. We love our pet so much we NEED these!

You can purchase them online here.