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06th Dec 2018

Boohoo under fire for Obsessive Christmas Disorder pyjamas

Jade Hayden

‘It’s not something to joke about.’

Boohoo are facing criticism for a pair of pyjamas with the words ‘Obsessive Christmas Disorder’ written on them.

The set is part of the brand’s Plus size collection and includes red pyjama bottoms with snowflakes on them and a matching grey top with an ‘OCD’ slogan.

A red reindeer’s nose makes up the ‘O’ of ‘OCD.’

Twitter user Betsy Ellie spotted the pyjama set online earlier this week and decided to ask Boohoo why they thought Obsessive Compulsive Disorder was something to “joke about.”

She wrote:

“Hey Boohoo what’s with these pyjamas? OCD is a real, valid mental illness, that effects and can destroy lives.

“It’s not something to make jokes about. I know for a fact that there would not be pyjamas with jokes about depression, bipolar disorder, anorexia etc.”

She also tagged OCD UK in the post.

Boohoo responded to another user beneath the tweet saying that they were going to “look into” the issue.

OCD is thought to affect between two and three percent of the Irish population.

The illness involves patterned thoughts and behaviour including obsessive thoughts, anxiety, and persistent compulsive actions.

OCD can seriously affect a person’s quality of life. It can also lead to serious depressive episodes.