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22nd Apr 2018

Bloggers are going mad for all the new crop tops that just landed in Penneys

Can’t go wrong, like.

If you’ve got any upcoming plans for summer holidays, chances are you’ll absolutely be hitting up Penneys before you go anywhere.

After all, it was only snowing last month so chances are you, like us, haven’t really had time to sort out your summer wardrobe.

We’ve still been wearing jeans and jumpers in the blistering sunshine too, don’t worry.

Anyway, Penneys has got everyone pretty much sorted for the summer because they’ve got a load of heat-appropriate bits in at the moment that won’t leave your wallet empty or your suitcase full to the brim.

They’ve got shorts, they’ve got dresses, they’ve got an array of bikinis and swimsuits that are so cheap you won’t even notice your bank card grazing off that tap.

And when you do, it’ll only be a couple of euro or a couple of hundred euro depending on how many bits you buy, be grand like.

One of the latest Penneys bits that’s got people all hyped is their selection of crop tops.

Essentially, there’s a lot of them and they’re all really pretty and cheap and bloggers have been all over them too.

Like this one that fashion and travel blogger Libby Vilner is wearing.

It’s white, it’s light, it’s got a bit of detailing down the bottom there so it looks all lovely and perfect for summer.

Can’t go wrong really.

Prices for the crop tops start at €3.50 too so you could honestly buy about 12 of them and still a bit of cash left over for your flight and hotel and other holiday things you definitely need to buy.

As well as the white number too, Penneys has also re-introduced these crop tops to their stock.

They’re a little more pricey at 11 quid but they’re extremely fitted, detailed, and will survive at least 10 goes in the washing machine which, for a light crop top, isn’t bad going in fairness.