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21st Jul 2019

Packing flip flops for your hols? They’re actually really bad for our feet

Olivia Hayes

Flip flops are handy.

They may not be the most aesthetically pleasing footwear, but they come in handy when you’re away. Pop them on when you’re at the pool or if you need to go down to the shop beside your hotel. They keep your feet sweat-free and are the easiest things to throw on if you’re in a rush.

However, there’s bad news for flip flop fans out there, as this expert says they’re not so great for your feet.

Photography of a Girl's Feet Near Flip-flops

Speaking to Who What Wear UK, Dina Gohil of DG Podiatrist Mayfair said: “Flip -flops may be easy to wear and compliment most of your holiday outfits, but the reason they’ve earned such a bad rep is due to this fact—they give your feet zero support.

“As a result, your feet are exposed to certain pressures, increased ground force, and have to work harder to support your body. Wearing them for a long period of time will tire out your feet, and also dry out your skin too.”

There are a few saviours though, such as our much-loved Birks.

“Wearing styles such as Birkenstock, Fit Flops or Vionics can minimise any damage to your feet, as the sole of the flip flop tends to be designed in such a way that it supports the foot. To help prevent and minimise dry skin on your feet, ensure you always moisturise your feet at the end of the day.”

We’ll take that!


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