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30th Jun 2012

Aisle Be Different – Bizzare Buys For Your Big Day

With Uggs for your wedding now on the market, we take a look at some of the other strange purchases you can make for the day you say 'I do'.

Ugg boots are one of the most divisive items in fashion in the past decade. To some, they are the ultimate in comfort while also being stylish and cute, and sure, don’t celebrities love them? To others, Ugg is simply short for ugly, and the sheepskin shoes should never be worn outside the home.

Whatever side of the fence you’re on, to wear Uggs on your wedding day might be a stretch for most, but now you can. The Australian company has created a new line specifically for the bridal market, a collection called ‘I Do!’ comprised of three fluffy, sparkly styles for brides. So, the day when you can legitimately wear the most Cinderella-like shoes you can imagine, underneath the most spectacular gown you’re ever likely to own… would you ever opt for Uggs?  And what’s the strangest thing you WOULD wear on your big day? We’ve gathered some unusual options so if your big day is on the way – here are a few ways to make your look even more, ahem, memorable…


Light Up Wedding Dress

This one could come straight from a scene in ‘my Big Fat Gypsy Wedding’. ‘Here comes the bride, all dressed in lights….’ So says Enlightened Designs, a UK company who specialise in creating lighting effects in a variety of wedding gowns and accessories. Choose from twinkling LED lights, rainbow coloured lights or even light messages where you can wear a scrolling ‘I love my hubby’ light banner all night long. Classy…

Remember Ring

More for Himself than yourself, we imagine. There are some seriously strange wedding rings out there but our pick of the bunch is one that makes absolutely sure the man who takes your hand can never forget your special day. The Remember Ring includes some impressive technology that lets it heat up every hour, on the hour, all day long on your anniversary so there’s no excuse for forgetting. The fan quoted on their website even wears two! As he says himself; “Anniversary and Birthday, baby. It’s like a handgun. Better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it.” Indeed.

Cinderella Shoes

As mentioned, the polar opposite to the wedding Ugg, but who knew you really could get your hands on a glass slipper? For the Diamond Edition release of the Disney Classic, Christian Louboutin will create a real-life Cinderella shoe.  However, the ‘world’s first wearable glass shoe’ has actually been around since 2005, courtesy of L.A. based designer Pasquale Fabrizio. If you have about $7,500 to spare they’re all yours, and hopefully you can manage to keep dancing past midnight.

Candy Bouquet

Flowers? So last season! A small number of brides in America, (where else?), are ditching the blooms and opting instead for the candy bouquet. For us, that means sweets. Twas far from candy you were reared. So if you’re walking a particularly long isle and tend to get peckish, why not replace your roses, tulips and lilies with Refreshers, Cherry Lips and Toffees.

Diamond Eyes

‘Her eyes they shone like diamonds…’ recorded in the 50’s, Tommy Bowe’s singsong tune of choice was way ahead of it’s time. Now you can actually have eyes that shine like diamonds, with diamond contact lenses. If the ring isn’t quite enough bling, Shekar Eye Research bring you custom-made, gold-plated contact lenses featuring no less than 18 diamonds. Twilight fans might approve. Not a massive take-up so far (shocking!) but creator Chandrashekhar Chawan believes that in time it will even replace the ring ritual, saying; ‘Instead of offering a diamond ring to propose, people will use diamond-studded contact lenses’.  The future is now.