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19th Dec 2017

7 real struggles we all faced while wearing fake Uggs

fake uggs

We’ve all been there.

Don’t pretend like you haven’t.

If you didn’t leg it down to Penneys when you were 14 and drop a massive €12 on a pair of fake Uggs, were you even around in 2006?

The typical teenage Irish girl look in the mid-2000s was as follows:

Pair of blue skinny jeans, oversized hoodie, an assortment of string tops, fluffy socks and, of course, fake uggs.

If you didn’t rock the above look for at least six months of your young life then you were clearly a better person than anybody that I hung around with during that time.

Still though, despite all the fond memories we have of our fake Uggs (debatable), at the end of the day, they were just fairly tragic.

…. And the struggle, for the most part, was most definitely real.

1. Most fake Uggs felt like you were walking on actual gravel 

Now, correct me if I’m wrong here but I was very much under the impression that the whole point of Uggs was that they were supposed to be comfy.

That’s their whole thing, no?

Why then, did every single pair of fake Uggs have the thinnest shoe sole known to man delicately placed inside of them?

You may as well have been wandering around barefoot, that’s how much support those things gave us.


2. They literally moulded to the side of your foot after one wear

Just when you thought walking on the actual soles of the shoes was bad enough, you then came face-to-face (or foot to side-of-boot, should we say?) with real trauma.

After, let’s say, a solid day of wearing a fake Ugg, your foot would eventually find itself walking on the side of the boot instead of the bottom.

There was absolutely no way to fix this and you simply had to accept that you were forever going to be wandering the streets wearing your boots on the sides of your feet.

Certainly, a #look.


3. Wearing them in the rain was an abysmal task 

Not worth it, like.

Here in Ireland, it rains a lot. This we know.

What better way to battle the elements then than sliding your foot into a nice, warm, fluffy Ugg first thing in the morning.

… Except if you did that your entire leg would be a sopping mess by about 2pm.

Uggs: shit support, powerful absorbent.

4. Everybody knew they were fake 

Unless your parents owned a holiday home in the south of France or you went horse-riding regularly just for fun, you probably didn’t ever experience real Uggs.

They were a luxury reserved only for girls with €500 monthly pocket money who brought their da’s debit cards to school on the reg.

Or, you know, people who had summer jobs, whatever.

Everybody else wore fake Uggs, and my oh my, was it obvious.

Firstly, they didn’t have that little tag on the back that said ‘Ugg.’

Secondly, they led to literally every single tragic occurrence on this list.

Hard to ignore, tbh.


5. They got absolutely filthy 

Now, in fairness, we’re pretty certain that real Uggs have the potential to get filthy too.

The only difference here would be that real Uggs cost actual money and you’d probably be a bit more inclined to give those a clean once things got a bit messy.

These guys, however, were simply not worth the effort.

Why whip out a baby wipe and attempt a deep clean when you could literally just go buy another pair?

You’re sure to get at least a week out of them, after all.

6. You had about eight pairs in your room at one time but you couldn’t bear to throw them away 

You had good times in those Uggs.

There was the one time you were wearing them when you shifted that lad who told his mates he topped you.

And who could forget when you strolled into the off-licence wearing those fake bad boys, and almost didn’t get IDed while trying to buy you and all your mates two bottles of blue WKD?

Good times, indeed.

7. They were just tragic, really 

Good riddance.