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24th Jan 2021

10 great (and affordable) buys to give your home office a bit of a facelift

How’s the WFH going, guys?

Still set up camp at the dining table?

Or have you managed to carve out a little corner somewhere that is now your office area?

Either way, after months and months of working from home, our bet is that all our home offices could all do with a little facelift at this stage, be it a fresh new rug to brighten the place up or simply some new, cool desk accessories.

Ready? Here are 10 bits we are dreaming of for our own home offices:

1. Wooden desk organiser

€45.99, Zara Home

2. Three-tier wire shelf


3. Striped kilim rug

€339, Zara Home

4. Small wooden bowl

€9.99, H&M Home

5. Office chair

€13.30, Søstrene Grene

6. The Day-By-Day Planner


7. Magazine holder

€4.78, Søstrene Grene

8. A4 Letter Tray, Rose Gold


9. Weekly planner

€9.99, Zara Home

10. Wooden stapler

€6.88, Søstrene Grene