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08th Apr 2019

Becky Lynch crowned double WWE champion at last night’s WrestleMania

Jade Hayden

becky lynch

The Man, indeed.

Becky Lynch made history last night by being crowned double champion at WWE’s WrestleMania 35.

The Limerick born and Dublin raised professional wrestler went up against Ronda Rousey and Charlotte Flair in the New Jersey stadium.

She easily secured herself both belts from the triple threat match, making her the WWE Raw Women’s Champion and the WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion.

Lynch had already made history before she set foot in the ring as the first woman to ever headline the main event at WrestleMania.

Up until this point, men had always dominated the main match.

Ahead of last night’s performance, Lynch took to Instagram to say that the first all-female main event was going to change the way professional wrestling operated.

She wrote:

“Tonight is the night where The Man finally comes around to collect. Tonight is the night where we change how this business works, thinks and progresses.

“I. Am. Ready. For. This.”

Lynch, whose real name is Rebecca Quin, began training as a professional wrestler when she was just a teenager.

She made her debut in 2002 and worked across Europe and North America on the independent circuit until she was forced to take a six year hiatus due to a head injury.

Lynch later returned to wrestling and signed with WWE in 2013. She has since developed her character and given herself the title of ‘The Man.’

Last week she told The Irish Times: “In the top level of any sport and in so many walks of life, the top person has always been called ‘the man’.

“Up until now, those top people have always been men. Right now I’m saying I’m the man. It’s not about gender, I’m just the top dog.”

20×20 is an ambitious two-year long initiative to better promote and champion women in sport.

With the tagline of “if she can’t see it, she can’t be it,” the 20×20 movement has three targets to reach by 2020:

  • 20 percent more media coverage of women in sport
  • 20 percent more female participation
  • 20 percent more attendance at women’s competitions and events

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