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29th Sep 2020

5 times Simone Biles was the absolute GOAT

Jade Hayden

Simone Biles is the absolute GOAT.

This is a fact and does not need to be questioned.

However, it does need to be celebrated, because she’s incredible, and we’d do well to be in the presence of a listicle detailing her most impressive achievements to date – on and off of the gymnastics stage.

So, without further ado, here are five times that Simone Biles proved herself to be the best gymnast the world has ever seen and, by extension, the absolute GOAT.

1. When she became the best gymnast in the world 

Blatantly obvious one to start here, but c’mon. Biles may not be the world’s most decorated gymnast, but she is world’s greatest.

This cannot be disputed. It is a fact, and has been confirmed by several commentators, sports analysts, and social media users over the years, so it simply must be true.

The most decorated gymnast in US history who has also had several moves named after her (she’s just that good), Biles has taken her incredible superhuman achievements in her stride. She’s also still somehow getting better, a feat that most gymnasts could only dream of.

“The tragically brief shelf-life of Olympic gymnasts (particularly women) means their careers tend to taper off when they turn 18,” said SB Nation last year. “It’s rare for gymnasts to perform at two Olympic Games.”

The true GOAT, let it be known.

2. When she continued to smash her own records time and time again 

A fiend for smashing other people’s records, Simone is also pretty adept at surpassing her own achievements too.

Back in 2019, the 23-year-old broke her own record for the most all-around gymnastics titles ever won by a woman. Repping in Germany at the World Gymnastics Championships, Biles won her fifth all-around world gold medal, bringing her total to 22 at the time.

“Sometimes I wonder how I do it,” she said.

“I feel like it’s just, like, not me. I wish I could have like an out-of-body experience to witness it, because sometimes I think I’m going crazy.”

3. When she completed a triple backflip 

A move not even recognised in women’s gymnastics in the States, nonetheless.

Simone’s latest incredible feat came just last week when she shared a video of herself completing a triple backflip into a foam pit to mark National Gymnastics Day. 

The move is not even currently recognised by the Code of Points for women’s gymnastics in the States, but hey, it clearly should be. Simone can do it. Give her credit.

4. When she got real about beauty standards in athletics 

Athletics may not be a male dominated sport per se, but it is still one plagued by misogynistic pressure and an emphasis on looks.

Earlier this year, Simone spoke to a group of teenage girls about the importance of backing yourself on your talent, and not on how you look.

“No matter how good you are in your sport, in life, in work, the number one thing people talk about is how you look,” she told the group, as reported in Vogue.

“You’re still going to thrive. You’re going to become somebody amazing and great. You guys are all beautiful, inside and out.”

5. When she spoke out about sex abuse in the sporting industry 

Ahead of the sentencing of convicted rapist and former USA Gymnastics team doctor Larry Nassar, Biles took to Twitter to state that she too had been abused by the physician.

“I, too, am one of the many survivors that was sexually abused by Larry Nassar,” she wrote on Twitter in 2018. “There are many reasons that I have been reluctant to share my story, but I know now that it is not my fault.”

Biles’ comment was shared and liked by thousands, many of whom applauded her bravery for standing up against her abuser – and for standing up for other young female athletes.

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