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14th Dec 2018

Vet shares grave warning over cleaning product loved by Mrs Hinch

Have you been using it?

Anna O'Rourke

Vet shares grave warning over cleaning product loved by Mrs Hinch

It’s a #HinchArmy favourite but it could make your pets very sick if used incorrectly.

A veterinary surgery in the UK has warned pet owners about the potential risks linked with using Zoflora to clean their homes.

Vets 4 Pets in Hull said that it treated a cat that became seriously ill after coming into contact with the popular cleaning product.

The animal had suffered burns to its tongue and swollen paws, they said.

“Please take care when using any cleaning products around your pets,” the clinic wrote on Facebook.

“We have a very poorly cat in with us today who has come in to contact with Zoflora. After consulting with the Veterinary Poisons Information Service, they have advised us that it is quite a common phone call they now receive regarding this product.

“The little cat is on a drip and has burns to his tongue, etc, and swollen paws. Please take care when using any cleaning product and ensure that animals do not have access to it or lick or roll in any of the residue.

“We are aware that the packaging states it is safe to use around pets but please take precautions. As this product is aimed at pet owners, we are sharing this case.”

Zoflora, a disinfectant, has seen a massive surge in popularity thanks to endorsements by Instagram cleaning expert Mrs Hinch.

A spokesperson for the brand has responded, saying that the product is perfectly safe.

Zoflora “has been used safely in households for almost 100 years, including those with pets in the home,” they told Birmingham Live.

Users should follow instructions and wait until an area is completely dry after use before letting their animals back near it.