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13th Dec 2019

UK general election sees Boris Johnson secure a conservative majority

Boris Johnson

The labour party suffered its biggest loss since 1935.

Yesterday, the people of Britain took to the polls for a general election.

Their third in five years, the election was crucial in the Brexit decision making process.

And after the count, Boris Johnson and the Conservative Party have been named the majority.

Going in to the big day, Johnson was the favourite to top the overall polls and remain in power, intent on delivering Brexit.

Last night an exit poll revealed the best Conservative performance in seats in a general election since 199, with the Labour Party seeing their worst result since 1935.

The Conservative party secured 364 seats in total, giving them a majority.

Labour gained 203 seats, while the Scottish National party achieved 48.

In Northern Ireland, the DUP has lost its majority, with the SDLP gaining two seats.

In a speech to supporters this morning, Boris Johnson said:

“We did it! We did it. We pulled it off, didn’t we?” he said.

“We broke the deadlock, we ended the gridlock, we smashed the roadblock and in this glorious, glorious per-breakfast moment before a new dawn rises on a new day and a new government, I want first of all to pay tribute to good colleagues who lost their seats through no fault of their own in the election that has just gone by.”

“And I of course just want to congratulate everybody in securing the biggest Conservative majority since the 1980s.”

“With this mandate and this majority we will at last be able to do what? Get Brexit done.”

As of this morning, votes are still being counted, and a formal result announcement is expected later today.