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03rd Feb 2020

Sushi, lamps and cashmere : Our new show ‘Curated With Cassie’ is here and it has everything

Cassie Stokes

We’re curating, so you don’t have to!

Our new show ‘Curated With Cassie’ has arrived. As I am Cassie (of Curated With Cassie) every week I’ll be travelling around Ireland uncovering gems from the world of lifestyle, culture, fashion and beauty!

In episode one we met some Dublin designers making their mark in the fashion industry, I also headed down to Cork to learn about all things sushi and visited Ireland’s only bespoke lampshade maker (yes, there’s a person who only makes lampshades day in and day out).

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Dublin has become a little fashion hub, with many designers setting up studios in the capital from which they create pieces that are purchased all over the world.

I chatted with ex-radio presenter, Jenny Huston, about her range of luxury jewellery ‘Edge Only’. All her pieces are made right here in Ireland but have found homes in places as far as Australia.

Another designer who works across the hall from Jenny in the Guinness enterprise centre is Laura Chambers who designs cashmere pieces. She told me how she got into fashion design and what drives her on in a competitive market.

Next we travelled to Cork for what can only be described as a delectable hour! Not many of you may know this but the only Japanese restaurant with a Michelin star in Ireland is in the rebel county and that’s exactly where we headed.

Ichigo Ichie is owned by chef Takashi Mayazaki, his aim is to bring authentic Japanese food to Irish diners, he also taught me a few things about manners when eating at a top class Japanese restaurant.

Last but not least, this week’s episode includes a trip to the only bespoke lamp designer in Ireland, Sarah O’Dea. Owner of Shady And The Lamp, Sarah told us all about the niche world of lampshade making and what type of lamps are on trend and most popular with Irish consumers.

You can watch the full episode of ‘Curated With Cassie’ below and let us know what you think on social media by using the #CuratedWithCassie! See you next week for some romance and axe-throwing (in no particular order).