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05th Apr 2024

Ruby Franke’s husband gives update following her arrest

Kat O'Connor

Ruby Franke will likely spend 30 years in prison

The husband of disgraced YouTube star Ruby Franke has spoken out after her arrest and prison sentence.

The dad has confirmed that they were not together at the time of the mum’s arrest.

He stressed that he was not living with Ruby Franke and was unaware of the abuse her children were suffering.

In a clip from KUTV 2 News Salt Lake City, the dad said he had not seen Ruby or his children in over a year.

He explained: “I haven’t seen them for over a year.”

At the time of Ruby’s arrest, he couldn’t believe the claims about his ex-partner.

“This is absolute craziness. This is a bunch of man-hating women that are just looking for excuses to tear down their husbands,” he said.

The mum reportedly exhibited ‘disturbing cult-like behaviour’ but it was allegedly encouraged by her business partner Hildebrandt.

Franke has been sentenced to four prison terms of one and 15 years each on aggravated child abuse charges.

She is likely set to spend at least 30 years in prison.

Her husband Kevin is reportedly set to divorce Franke after filing in November 2023.

He is currently in the process of seeking custody of his four younger children.

During her trial, the court was told that her children were living in “concentration-camp-like settings”.

The children were “regularly denied food, water, beds to sleep in, and virtually all forms of entertainment”.

Franke’s six children were taken into care following her arrest in December.