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05th Apr 2024

Travel expert reveals the biggest mistake you’re making on an all-inclusive holiday

Kat O'Connor

This travel expert has a warning for people with all-inclusive holidays booked

Is anyone else dreaming about heading on their summer holidays? A travel expert is urging anyone with an all-inclusive holiday booked to be extra careful before they get carried away at the bar.

We’re not talking about sacrificing your 4pm pina coladas, but being more careful when you are ordering drinks.

Travel expert Kelly Magyarics said people aren’t making the most of their all-inclusive breaks.

She told Business Insider: “Not all drinks at all inclusive resorts are created equally.”

She explained that people should mix up their drink order to ensure the staff are using the best alcohol.

“Upgrade your piña colada by requesting it with dark or aged rum instead of white, which gives it much more flavour,” she said.

Another drink to stay away from is blended frozen drinks. As much as we love a frozen pina colada, you’re not getting your money’s worth it.

Kelly said: “If you keep hitting the swim-up bar to order blended concoctions, you’re going to end up drinking a zillion calories and probably getting a stomachache or killer hangover to boot.”

Your all-inclusive trip will be worth every penny if you follow these tips.