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11th Apr 2024

Men feel happy if they earn more than their wives, study claims


What do you think about this?

The gender wage gap between men and women is an issue that often raises its head.

A recent study has found that there might be something else contributing to the elongation of the gender wage gap and it’s something that will divide opinions.

According to the study conducted by Dr Vanessa Gash from City University of London, men feel happier if they earn more than their wives.

In a recent interview with The Hard Shoulder about the findings Dr Gash said;

“What we were trying to do in this research is to examine why the partner pay gap has stayed so constant over time.

“We expected that perhaps women would not be feeling good about it, because they’re the lower earners within households – we thought maybe men would feel OK about it or [that] it just maintains the status quo.

“But for men what we found is that they had what we call a psychological premium when they recently out-earned their wives”

Dr Gash went on to say that she feels a lot of this might be due to the environments that most men grew up in;

“We’re assuming that it has to do with gender stereotyping, sex stereotyping.

“Men within our dataset would have grown up at a time where their fathers would have been the primary earner in the household – and they’ve inherited a sense of what it is to be men from that.”