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25th Mar 2024

‘A 12,000% difference’ – Olivia Colman calls out continued gender pay disparity in Hollywood

Jody Coffey

Olivia Colman

“I’m very aware that if I was Oliver Colman, I’d be earning a fuck of a lot more than I am”

Olivia Colman is one of the greatest actresses of our generation.

With over 20 years of experience in the film industry, she has become a household name for notable performances in The Crown, Broadchurch, Lost Daughter, The Favourite, and Peep Show.

Sadly, her pay hasn’t always reflected her talents.

Like the majority of industries, the Oscar-winning actress has highlighted that gender pay disparity is present in her line of work, and admitted that she believes she would be paid more if she were a man.

Colman argued that the gap in pay between genders is linked to the idea that male actors are more likely to draw in the audience.

“Research suggests that [women have] always been big box office draws,” she told CNN’s Christiane Amanpour programme.

“Don’t get me started on the pay disparity but male actors get paid more because they used to say they draw in the audiences and actually, that hasn’t been true for decades. But they still like to use that as a reason to not pay women as much.

“I’m very aware that if I was Oliver Colman, I’d be earning a fuck of a lot more than I am. I know of one pay disparity which is a 12,000% difference. Do the maths.”

She did not, however, outline the associated production of this pay disparity.

This comes after the actress highlighted another gender disparity in film.

Last month, while promoting her film Wicked Little Letters on Radio Times, Colman discussed the rampant double standards between men and women that occur on stage and on screen.

“If a woman swears, people act shocked. Fuck off! Women are human – funny, filthy, loving, caring – just like men.”