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03rd Dec 2017

We know what George and Charlotte will be doing at the royal wedding



No matter where they go, Prince George and Princess Charlotte are always the centres of attention.

Yes, all eyes are on the royal family’s youngest generation when they step out, however, will it be the same at their uncle Harry’s wedding?

According to reports, the royal siblings have been confirmed as bridesmaid and pageboy for Harry and Meghan’s wedding next year.

Four-year-old George and two-year-old Charlotte are set to follow their future aunt, Meghan, up the aisle at St George’s Chapel in Windsor in May.

“The wedding will be a family event,” a palace spokesperson said.

“You can expect the family to be involved.”

No surprise here, but it is also expected that Wiliam will step up as Harry’s best man, although he shouldn’t be called ‘best man’.

In royal weddings, the role of best man does not even exist – we know, madness, right? – and it is instead known as ‘supporter’.

However, after William broke the royal protocol for his wedding, it is assumed Harry will do the same.

That just leaves Kate.

It is said to be unlikely that Kate will be a part of the bridal party or whether she’ll attend at all.

Kate is due to give birth to her third child just weeks before the wedding, and many are now questioning whether the newborn will be in attendance or if the pair will make an appearance at all.